It’s sunny, but put on some pants!

by heartEdu

It was a beautiful Friday in Vancouver. Had the opportunity to take some pics on the way into work and afterwork from the work patio. Sunny days in the Rainy City are a big deal. It could be sunny, and 6 degrees celsius, but you will always find at least one Vancouverite wandering about in shorts and a tshirt. Seriously, it’s not that warm. Go put on a coat…but if you have nice legs, I’m okay with the shorts. 😛


Clockwise from top: Canada Place, old building in Gastown, Gastown’s infamous Steamclock.

The work day flew by as my colleague and I trapped ourselves in a meeting room to work on a proposal. I was in a haze (a truly barfy haze) from taking some prescription meds (yes, legitimately for me), so my colleague was on point and taking the lead. However, at some point, we switched roles when I started mixing the medication I had in my system with Coke Zero, and she had post-lunch food coma.

When the work day ended, I met up with Nathan and his colleagues at Yaletown Brew Pub. I watched them drink. When we left, we were crossing a large intersection:

Slightly tipsy colleague: I’m going to moonwalk across the street!!! (So he begins…)

Nathan: Uh, dude, that is NOT looking anything like the moonwalk!

Me: OMG, you’re SO DOING IT!

Slightly tipsy colleague: OMG, I TOTALLY AM!!!

I like to encourage. That’s what good people do.

When Nathan and I parted with his colleagues, we headed out to Richmond because I had a mad craving for tofu dessert.


Tofu Dessert in Richmond (behind Aberdeen Centre)

So that is what I had. 🙂