Stitching, Bitching, and Rapping – The Hardcore Stuff

by heartEdu

Every Wednesday, sandwiched between yoga day and running day, my coworkers and I gather around an astroturf rug at work, and we sing hymns. No, we don’t. We stitch, and we bitch…while we rap. The hardcore stuff.  While we’re working on hardcore cabling and large-scale projects, we rap like Ice Cube. Is knitting looking totally hardcore yet?

This is the sweater project I’m currently working on…


At one point, I had to have three stitch counters going because I had three different cables happening (only two types are shown above).

This sweater was intended for Nathan, but I mixed up his chest size, so now it’s a sweater for me. What I need to do is hurry before it gets too warm in Vancouver for Fisherman’s Wool. Nevermind that I have another sweater project awaiting me. The other sweater is close to being finished…but I haven’t touched it in a year or so because I am not sure of how I would like to do the neckline. This the problem when you design a sweater, your options become unlimited.

Knitting is one of my favourite rainy day activities. I try to fight the urge of overdoing it though. It rains so much in Vancouver that I would be in danger of becoming a hermit. Might be different if I had cats though because that would be warm and snuggly…but I then I’d be in danger of becoming crazy cat lady…because I’d want LOTS of cats. I suppose it’s a blessing that Nathan is allergic.

Will keep you posted on the progress of the sweater 🙂