Butt against Window is not the same as a “Seatwarmer”

by heartEdu

Mags and I hopped in her car early this morning (9am is early for a Sunday) for a little trip down to Bellingham, WA. I was super glad I slapped on sunscreen because THIS was the epicness I was dealing with while we were on the road (to and from).

roadtrip sky

blue skies, open roads

I had the seatwarmer on which is a luxury for someone that usually takes public transit. To be honest, I probably only had to lean against the window to get the same effect. Try not to visualize my butt against a window. HEY, what did I just say?

I also snapped pics of bridges because I know that 6pence2Life loves the way they look. She’s an engineer and needs to geek out. I am happy to oblige!



We stopped by Trader Joe’s first, where I nearly purchased everything I picked up. Marinade, soaps, snacks, dried fruit, jarred goods, etc. I was stocking up like a squirrel since Mags and I only make this trip once a year. I’m not sure how Trader Joe’s does it, but everything they make is like crack.

A whole bag full

A whole bag full

Next stop was Bellis Fair where we hit up a number of stores.  I found some travel size versions of Dr.Bronner’s Magic Soap (liquid) at Target. Now my hippie transformation is complete (not even close).

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap

I always wanted to try this multi-purpose soap. You can use it as a beauty product, laundry detergent, household cleaner, and there’s nothing harsh about it. I put 3 drops on wet hands, and it lathered up like crazy. You should really look up Dr.Bronner as an individual. I heard he was really eccentric.

Good day for a mini roadtrip.