Running for President of Sweater Council

by heartEdu

Bean was wearing an olive green sweater today and went into a soliloquy about the greatness of sweaters and how they are amazing for fat days. Did not want to interrupt his artful speech to let him know that they are not a new high-tech invention. His speech was so artful, you’d think he was running for President (of Sweater Council). I may run against him in this fictional, made-for-tv election.

Met up with coworkers for Stitch ‘n Bitch so here’s the weekly progress on my sweater.

Ever growing sweater

Ever growing sweater

I’m on the easy part now. I’ve picked up stitches and am knitting downwards for the rest of the body. Hard to believe I was still on the sleeve just a week ago.

I like seeing parts come together and this is not just true for knitting but also for people, information, and projects.