Two Peas in an iBff Pod

by heartEdu

I spent the past week in San Francisco (thus, the lack of posts). The next few posts will be about my lovely time in Fog City.


Snapped a pic of the golden gate bridge. Not so foggy here!

One of the highlights of my trip was meeting up with my iBff, 6pence2life, who I have been chatting with for seven years. It’s more than just chatting. It’s…

  • reading each other’s blogs.
  • going shopping and texting each other photos of ourselves in an outfit from the change room.
  • leaving random hilarious comments for each other on Facebook.
  • sending each other care packages.
  • taking an interest and trying each other’s hobbies (i.e. knitting, running, cooking, etc.).

We were taking this online relationship into the “real” world by meeting. We met in San Francisco, and terrorized our wallets with Market Street and Japantown. You may be wondering what it’s like to finally meet someone in-person when you’ve only known them online. The best way to describe it is that it’s like making friends with someone that you’ve already made friends with. Nathan thought it was interesting to watch because he had never seen me so extroverted.

I have learned all about 6pence2life’s online ticks from our many years of chatting. From the way she types (and a million other factors), I can tell if something is bothering her even if all she has typed is, “Hey!”. However, I haven’t learned her physical ticks yet, as I’ve never hung out with her in-person. It’s like a movie script coming to life. That’s the best way that I can describe it.

6pence2life and I are very similar in our styles, mannerisms, and humour. We stopped by a  shoe store in hopes of finding a pair of shoes for Nathan. She and I would simultaneously point and suggest the same shoe for him.

When she and I converse, I would catch a look of marvel on Nathan’s face. I later learned that he was admiring our connection.

We are two peas in an iBff pod!

2 peas in an iBff pod

2 peas in an iBff pod

Hopefully we will meet again soon!