Flash mobs, bubbles, photo booths and sparkles – Ingredients for a Wedding

by heartEdu

I have been swept up in a sea of life and am having a difficult time balancing. My beautiful friend, Allu got married this past weekend. Allu had a Sikh wedding, and I kid you not, it was a week long with plenty of festivities.

Allu and Kit (her now hubs) were so glam throughout the whole thing. Being a part of their celebration was like being in a Bollywood movie. I’ve seen Allu in several outfits that past week, and she was breathtaking in every single outfit. Allu wasn’t the only one looking good; Kit was very handsome in his garbs. Model couple much?

Some time prior to the wedding, some of the ladies got Mendhi done. Me included.

The Mendhi on my hands

The Mendhi on my hands

Allu had the most beautiful mendhi I had ever seen. She had peacocks on her legs, and beautiful paisley on her hands and forearms.

At the reception, there was a flash mob that Nathan and I were a part of. Allu and Kit’s first dance was interrupted, and we jumped in with a routine…sounding more and more like a Bollywood movie to me. Random dancing? Hellz to the ya!

With bubbles, a photobooth, flash mob, food galore (with plenty vegetarian options), it doesn’t surprise me how much fun I had. It also doesn’t surprise me of how well-planned it was given  Allu’s experience in the area of events planning. I had a blast!

Nathan had a blast too! He got so wild on the dance floor, he accidentally flung one of our friends into the crowd. Too.much.fun. Oh, dear.

Congratulations to Allu and Kit on their nuptials!!