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Month: June, 2013

New Westminster Pier Park – Blur of Childhood and Adulthood

Nathan and I hit up New Westminster Pier Park this past week just to poke around and to rollerblade. The park is beautifully landscaped and has a basketball court, playground, and even lounger chairs.


Nathan flipping one of the chairs on its pivot to face the river. I think it’s a great concept that you can choose where you want the lounger to face!

It’s a park right by the Fraser River. This river has quite the presence in my life. Whenever I’m by the river, I am always hit with feelings of nostalgia. I remember being a child, and looking out from the balcony of the house and seeing this river. Although I’ve grown up, gotten married, and now live in a house of my own, I can still see this river although being in an entirely different neighbourhood. Walks by the Fraser River is something I’ve enjoyed as a child and can also enjoy as an adult.


Enjoying the beautiful scenery, and watching tugboats.

There is also a marketplace by the pier park. You’ll know you’re near it when you see the world’s tallest tin soldier. A few year’s back, he needed a paint job. I’m really glad they gave him one.


There are a number of eateries in the marketplace. One of my faves is the crepe stand. It’s operated by a true Frenchman. He’s a super duper friendly guy. Nathan got a Spinach and Cheese crepe. I got ONE bite…maybe two before I turned around and had realized it had disappeared into thin air (and into Nathan’s stomach).

If you live in the area and have not checked out New Westminster Pier Park, definitely make a trip down there. It really is a beautiful spot!


Detaching from detachment

I’ve been meditating more recently. Not just everyday, but multiple times a day. Sometimes in the middle of the work day, when I feel frenzied, I’ll sneak into the First Aid room, sit on the floor with my mala beads and count my breaths.

Trying not to grow attached to these mala beads is difficult.

Trying not to grow attached to these mala beads is difficult.

What’s really funny is that there is no light switch in the First Aid room. The light switch is actually in an adjacent room, the supply room. Long story as to why this is, but that’s how it is. This one time, I was sitting there meditating, and I guess someone went into the supply room to get something and flipped the switch. The light went on in the First Aid room, and I chuckled to myself, “Whaaa? Am I enlightened now?”

I’m typically very ritualistic when I meditate at home. I prefer to meditate at night, in the dark by the light of a single tea candle in the corner. The first thing I typically do is light  incense.

The only kind that doesn't smoke me out of the room is from Nippon Kodo. The entire stick is incense, there is no wood stick in the middle so it burns more cleanly.

The only kind that doesn’t smoke me out of the room is from Nippon Kodo. The entire stick is incense, there is no wood stick in the middle so it burns more cleanly.

Next, I ring the singing bowl, clap the tingshaws, or hit the gong. It depends on how I feel that day.

Sometimes I can hear my singing bowl when I'm no where near it.

Sometimes I can hear my singing bowl when I’m no where near it.

Then, I sit and meditate. Sometimes I can get deeply into it. Sometimes I stay on the surface. I try not to control where it goes. Then I end my meditation session with the singing bowl, tingshaw, or gong (it depends on what I started with).

These tingshaws produce a clear crisp sound.

These tingshaws produce a clear crisp sound.

The most recent thing I’ve noticed about myself in meditation is that I have trouble letting go. Just before I head into that space where I am detached, I feel myself get anxious, unwilling to go. I feel myself fight it. The feeling of anxiety bubbles up into my chest. I wonder if being so ritualistic is related to this inability to let go. I’m sure the reason will reveal itself with time.

Growing my hair to give up vanity – A Spiritual Journey

Long hair is often associated with vanity, and I’m not sure why. It confuses me because I am a short-haired girl and am thinking that short hair in itself might be a reason for my own gleaming moments of vanity.

long hair vanity

Strangers, friends, and family are known to comment about how great my chopped locks are and how it really suits me. It suits my lifestyle too. I can’t be bothered to blowdry,or have it in my face while I’m running or yoga’ing.

I have only had long hair three times in my entire life before I promptly chopped it all off. If you’re wondering how short I typically go, I am known to bring photos of Halle Berry, Michelle Williams, Ginnifer Goodwin to my stylist.

How short? This short.

How short? This short.

I’ve tried a few times to grow it long, but I couldn’t stand the awkward in-between stage and promptly had it cut back to pixie short.

Well, I’m on the road again to growing it long. It will be a commitment of two years at least given how short my hair is. The reason? I want to donate it.

Also, I want to travel that difficult road and commit to growing it long and going through very awkward hair stages and give up vanity and convenience for awhile.

This idea came about from meditation and focusing on my inner versus my outer. Don’t worry, I won’t stop bathing. I still believe in cleanliness.

So here I am, putting it out there that this is something I’m doing. I am committed and am determined to not cut it off at first signs of hair awkwardness. Funny: spiritual lessons in material world.

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