New Westminster Pier Park – Blur of Childhood and Adulthood

by heartEdu

Nathan and I hit up New Westminster Pier Park this past week just to poke around and to rollerblade. The park is beautifully landscaped and has a basketball court, playground, and even lounger chairs.


Nathan flipping one of the chairs on its pivot to face the river. I think it’s a great concept that you can choose where you want the lounger to face!

It’s a park right by the Fraser River. This river has quite the presence in my life. Whenever I’m by the river, I am always hit with feelings of nostalgia. I remember being a child, and looking out from the balcony of the house and seeing this river. Although I’ve grown up, gotten married, and now live in a house of my own, I can still see this river although being in an entirely different neighbourhood. Walks by the Fraser River is something I’ve enjoyed as a child and can also enjoy as an adult.


Enjoying the beautiful scenery, and watching tugboats.

There is also a marketplace by the pier park. You’ll know you’re near it when you see the world’s tallest tin soldier. A few year’s back, he needed a paint job. I’m really glad they gave him one.


There are a number of eateries in the marketplace. One of my faves is the crepe stand. It’s operated by a true Frenchman. He’s a super duper friendly guy. Nathan got a Spinach and Cheese crepe. I got ONE bite…maybe two before I turned around and had realized it had disappeared into thin air (and into Nathan’s stomach).

If you live in the area and have not checked out New Westminster Pier Park, definitely make a trip down there. It really is a beautiful spot!