I am a true Vancouverite – born and raised.

In some ways, I fit the Vancouver stereotype: I enjoy vegetarian cuisine, meditation, yoga, running outdoors, and knitting/crocheting (the last item probably not totally Vancouverite). I also work at a high tech firm. I am some sort of modern day water-kefir drinking hippie.

However, in some ways, I also do not fit the stereotype at all: I don’t prefer snow-related activities (like skiing or snowboarding), yuppie-restaurants because of its overpopulation of …well…yuppies, nor do I adorn myself in Vancouver-girl uniform a la Aritzia (it’s just not my thing).

Regardless of what the stereotypes are, I am from this city. I represent this city merely through existence.

I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences. HeartEDU: My heart learns something everyday.