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Flash mobs, bubbles, photo booths and sparkles – Ingredients for a Wedding

I have been swept up in a sea of life and am having a difficult time balancing. My beautiful friend, Allu got married this past weekend. Allu had a Sikh wedding, and I kid you not, it was a week long with plenty of festivities.

Allu and Kit (her now hubs) were so glam throughout the whole thing. Being a part of their celebration was like being in a Bollywood movie. I’ve seen Allu in several outfits that past week, and she was breathtaking in every single outfit. Allu wasn’t the only one looking good; Kit was very handsome in his garbs. Model couple much?

Some time prior to the wedding, some of the ladies got Mendhi done. Me included.

The Mendhi on my hands

The Mendhi on my hands

Allu had the most beautiful mendhi I had ever seen. She had peacocks on her legs, and beautiful paisley on her hands and forearms.

At the reception, there was a flash mob that Nathan and I were a part of. Allu and Kit’s first dance was interrupted, and we jumped in with a routine…sounding more and more like a Bollywood movie to me. Random dancing? Hellz to the ya!

With bubbles, a photobooth, flash mob, food galore (with plenty vegetarian options), it doesn’t surprise me how much fun I had. It also doesn’t surprise me of how well-planned it was given  Allu’s experience in the area of events planning. I had a blast!

Nathan had a blast too! He got so wild on the dance floor, he accidentally flung one of our friends into the crowd. Too.much.fun. Oh, dear.

Congratulations to Allu and Kit on their nuptials!!


Luddy loves licks …and sleeves

During my San Fran trip, I got to meet another one of my online friends, Joy. She even brought her adorable corgi, Luddy.

Took a photo of Luddy by some lotus at Golden Gate Park.

Took a photo of Luddy by some lotus’ at Golden Gate Park.

Joy and I have been online friends for about a decade. That surprised me. It means I’ve been on the internet for way more than 10 years. Scary.

Luddy got to sit in my lap in the car as Joy drove us to Land’s End. Luddy loOooves to give puppy kisses. He kept licking my hands at random moments. When I hid my hand, he moved onto the sleeve of my sweater. Too adorable.

Land’s End was breathtaking.

Breathtaking Land's End

Breathtaking Land’s End. It was a bit overcast-y when I took this.

Then Joy drove us to Golden Gate Park where I snapped this cool shot from outside of the Japanese garden.

Taken from outside of the Japanese Garden

Taken from outside of the Japanese Garden

While at Golden Gate Park, I almost stepped on this little guy. Joy pointed him out to me.


I’ve captured you with my camera, lil groundhog!

He was looking at us with his peripherals and kept popping his head in and out of the ground.

After the lovely nature walk, we headed into Chinatown where we found a Vegetarian Restaurant called Loving Hut. It was so good! I forgot to take photos of the food, but here is one of Chinatown at night.

Chinatown at night

Chinatown at night

It was really nice to meet Joy. We sat around dinner and talked about things we’ve read in each other’s old blogs. I think it was revealing. We learned much about ourselves as we did each other.

Two Peas in an iBff Pod

I spent the past week in San Francisco (thus, the lack of posts). The next few posts will be about my lovely time in Fog City.


Snapped a pic of the golden gate bridge. Not so foggy here!

One of the highlights of my trip was meeting up with my iBff, 6pence2life, who I have been chatting with for seven years. It’s more than just chatting. It’s…

  • reading each other’s blogs.
  • going shopping and texting each other photos of ourselves in an outfit from the change room.
  • leaving random hilarious comments for each other on Facebook.
  • sending each other care packages.
  • taking an interest and trying each other’s hobbies (i.e. knitting, running, cooking, etc.).

We were taking this online relationship into the “real” world by meeting. We met in San Francisco, and terrorized our wallets with Market Street and Japantown. You may be wondering what it’s like to finally meet someone in-person when you’ve only known them online. The best way to describe it is that it’s like making friends with someone that you’ve already made friends with. Nathan thought it was interesting to watch because he had never seen me so extroverted.

I have learned all about 6pence2life’s online ticks from our many years of chatting. From the way she types (and a million other factors), I can tell if something is bothering her even if all she has typed is, “Hey!”. However, I haven’t learned her physical ticks yet, as I’ve never hung out with her in-person. It’s like a movie script coming to life. That’s the best way that I can describe it.

6pence2life and I are very similar in our styles, mannerisms, and humour. We stopped by a  shoe store in hopes of finding a pair of shoes for Nathan. She and I would simultaneously point and suggest the same shoe for him.

When she and I converse, I would catch a look of marvel on Nathan’s face. I later learned that he was admiring our connection.

We are two peas in an iBff pod!

2 peas in an iBff pod

2 peas in an iBff pod

Hopefully we will meet again soon!

Hell hath no fury like a man who’s had his burrito stolen

Ronaldo and I ventured out for food during the work day, and we happened upon a place called Padre Tacos in Bentall Centre. This little hole in the wall serves Korean-inspired Mexican food. Ronaldo got a Seaweed Taco (which is really a burrito), and it was made with a tortilla, seaweed, spanish rice, cheese, bulgogi beef, lettuce, tomato’s, and cucumbers.


I’mma eat you!

We thought it’d taste bizarre, but I snuck two bites when Ronaldo was looking at his monitor and it was amazing. If he does CSI on my teeth marks, I’m in trouble. Hell hath no fury like a man who’s had his burrito stolen.

I was chatting with my iBff, 6pence2life, (that’s Internet Best friend forever. Everybody needs ones), and told her of this amazing concoction. The following conversation ensued…

6pence2life: Dammit. Now I want a burrito!

Me: It’s all Ronaldo’s fault.

6pence2life: Yeah, tell him he sucks. Hahaha!

Me: Ok, I did. When I told him, he picked up his burrito and started petting it.

6pence2life: If I worked there, he would be petting a ransom photo of the burrito.

This made me bust my gut, which gave me more room for that oddly delicious little donkey (aka burrito).

Two KMs is far when you know Teegan is at her desk eating a burger

After work, Jake, Tegan, Jon and I went out for our run by the seawall. The cherry blossoms are just starting to bloom, and it was a warm 12 degrees celsius. This all equates to hurdling over some tourists who are practically lying on the ground on the wall. Yeah, I’m not sure why they choose to live so dangerously. Being trampled by runners, rollerbladers, and cyclists is not a glorious way to go.

Cherry blossoms almost in full bloom. Can you spot the moon in the first pic?

Cherry blossoms almost in full bloom. Can you spot the moon in the first pic?

We ran further than we did before. Teegan, Jake and Jon are training for the Vancouver Sun Run, an upcoming 10k race (April 21st). I’m not training for anything, I log these miles for fun. We ran a little over 8km today, so I think they are ready for the race. We basically made it to the other side of the wall and looked back at our starting point.

On the other side of the wall.

On the other side of the wall.

For awhile, Teegan and Jake were running behind Jon and me. When it was time to turn around and head back, Teegan, with the bum knee, whooped our butts, and we lost sight of her. She was booking it back to the starting point. I’d like to think that she is chasing the burger that she’s been craving since … all the time, actually.

Jake was keeping his pace, and each time Jon and I looked back, good ol’ trusty Jake was right behind us. We joked that he was becoming hardcore, enjoying himself, and smoking a cigarette as he ran.

Partway back to the office, I started to get tired. I let out a sigh to loosen up, and Jon turns to me and says, “We’re almost there!” I think he wanted me to strangle him (kidding). There was two more kilometres to go, which is VERY far, when your legs are like lead and you know that Teegan is probably already sitting at her desk eating a burger.


I am currently wondering why our runs always end with 3 small hills. Also, why is it that I think this is fun again? (Haha)

Stop and hear the birds sing, and smell the soap!

I tore down the stairs to leave this house to get to work. I was hurrying. When I got outside, I stopped dead in my tracks. The sound! The birds are back. It is Spring! I recorded them singing. This is a must-hear. It’s like white-noise. Perhaps, that’s what the license plates in British Columbia should say, “The place where white noise is made!”

[audio http://yourlisten.com/channel/content/16964453/birds_in_spring]

(if the player doesn’t show, it’s just a link to the site of where I’ve uploaded the sound clip)

I stood very still by the front door and watched them sing and flutter about in my Japanese Maple tree. They looked and sounded so joyous that my heart began to soar. They sang, I called to them, they called back. I looked up in the tree and one of them looked at me curiously and continue to sing its little song. He was the most adorable black-capped chickadee.

maple in fall

This is my Japanese Maple tree in the Fall. So for this blog entry, imagine it completely naked. Keep it PG, people.

Didn’t take very  much for me to stop and smell the roses…or in my case, stop and listen to the birds sing.

When I got into work, I saw a little package on my keyboard from Teegan. So lovely! At first I thought it was a cookie, which excited me. Then, I found out it was lavender soap, which actually excited me more. If you know me, you know I have a lavender and soap obsession.

Lavender Soap from Teegan

Lavender Soap from Teegan. I love surprises…the good kind and not the bad kind like “Surprise, your goldfish died”

Teegan had stopped by Whole Foods on the way to work and somehow ended up in the soap aisle talking to a guy who uses the lemongrass-scented version. He works at the liquor store and often overhears, “That dude? Yeah, he smells good!” Teegan apparently started to lose track of time. She was getting sucked into the allure of Whole Foods until she snapped out it, “What am I doing? I have to go to work!” I’m glad she got to stop and smell the soap this morning though.

It was sunny in Vancouver, although, still a bit cold. I took a shot of the mountains from the office. You can see that it’s snowing up there. I was lucky enough to capture the birds flying across the water. They seem so happy to be back.

Snowing on the mountains. Cloudless evening sky.

Snowing on the mountains. Cloudless evening sky.

The weather remained clear into the evening, and I snapped a shot of the moon against the cloudless sky near Harbour Centre.

Butt against Window is not the same as a “Seatwarmer”

Mags and I hopped in her car early this morning (9am is early for a Sunday) for a little trip down to Bellingham, WA. I was super glad I slapped on sunscreen because THIS was the epicness I was dealing with while we were on the road (to and from).

roadtrip sky

blue skies, open roads

I had the seatwarmer on which is a luxury for someone that usually takes public transit. To be honest, I probably only had to lean against the window to get the same effect. Try not to visualize my butt against a window. HEY, what did I just say?

I also snapped pics of bridges because I know that 6pence2Life loves the way they look. She’s an engineer and needs to geek out. I am happy to oblige!



We stopped by Trader Joe’s first, where I nearly purchased everything I picked up. Marinade, soaps, snacks, dried fruit, jarred goods, etc. I was stocking up like a squirrel since Mags and I only make this trip once a year. I’m not sure how Trader Joe’s does it, but everything they make is like crack.

A whole bag full

A whole bag full

Next stop was Bellis Fair where we hit up a number of stores.  I found some travel size versions of Dr.Bronner’s Magic Soap (liquid) at Target. Now my hippie transformation is complete (not even close).

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap

I always wanted to try this multi-purpose soap. You can use it as a beauty product, laundry detergent, household cleaner, and there’s nothing harsh about it. I put 3 drops on wet hands, and it lathered up like crazy. You should really look up Dr.Bronner as an individual. I heard he was really eccentric.

Good day for a mini roadtrip.

Angry Teegan is like an Angry Jigglypuff

I wandered out for lunch with Teegan under a blanket of low hanging clouds. Most often, she and I are together at lunch. Have I ever told you about Teegan? We are quirky people in a quirky friendship.

Low hanging clouds and gray all around

Low hanging clouds and gray all around

She is petite, soft-spoken, adorable, and will punch anyone in the face that gets in my way. No, really. I tell her my woes and she gets so mad that she declares that she will seriously punch offending parties in the face. Not that I would ever condone that but watching Teegan get worked up is like watching a Pokemon get mad. I’m thinking of Pikachu or Jigglypuff turning into an cute and pretty version of the Incredible Hulk.

This is Jigglypuff when angry.

This is Jigglypuff when angry.

In reciprocation, because it is a friendship, whenever she goes away and comes back from a trip, I surprise her with interesting and random news that amuses her. For instance, she once went away for a week, and when she came back, I had become a vegetarian. It’s my way of saying, “Hey, you better come back…because I am doing awesome things that you can NOT miss!”  You know, like that time she went away for three weeks, and I started wearing lipstick and doing handstands in the office.

We have a pact to limit ourselves on the shopping this year. Whenever one declares that she would like to purchase something, the other grills with questions and statements like, “Do you need that?”, or “Seriously? You have something like that.” Sometimes we lie too, “Yeah, that totally makes you look fat”, when in reality, it is absolutely exquisite. I might be the only one lying — she’d be ridiculous to think anything made her look fat. By the way, if I am sad, Teegan is horrible with this pact. “Awe. Do you want to stop by Lush?”  When this happens, I let her know that this would be an inappropriate parenting method (for her future reference), and that yes, I would like to stop by Lush.

Keep us away from stores!

Keep us away from stores!

But Teegan is more than just the girly girlfriend. She is also one of my running buddies. Whenever we run together, she tells me stories in more than 5 sentences at a time before taking a breath…even if I pick up the pace. So here we are running, I’m dying, and she is talking like she has forgotten that we are running. Magical Pokemon powers.

She also complies to my oddball request with amusement. Requests like, “Hey, hold this lil lamb up against the window so that I can take a photo!” This in a yuppie part of town.

Lil Lamb having a hayday in the yuppie part of town.

Lil Lamb (something I’ve sewn) having a hayday in the yuppie part of town

Teegan may as well be a Pokemon because I would keep her in my pocket everywhere I go.

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