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A boy named Su and the Bruno that keeps him

While in San Francisco, I stayed with Jay and Kat who have two cats, Su and Bruno.  Su and Bruno provided Nathan and me with hours of entertainment. They are wonderfully quirky…as are Jay and Kat. <quote=”Pastafarian”>Samey = Samey. </quote>

This is Su. He’s under the blankets…sitting on my stomach…in my face…while I’m trying to watch Cheers. This after 5 days of him running away from me…and then suddenly, he wanted to be my buddy.


A boy named Su

I’ve also walked into the bathroom to find him sitting in the tub. His brother, Bruno, watching him from the side of the tub either quizzically, amused, or both.

This is Su with his “purrr” face. He’s in his favorite spot in the sun.

Su rolling around in the sun

Su rolling around in the sun

He also loves himself some paper bags.

Cat in the bag!

Cat in the bag!

However, when he’s in there, his brother, Bruno, likes to bat at him and walk on the bag. It’s pretty hilarious. Here’s a pic of Bruno, who stopped smacking his brother when I pulled out my camera.

Bruno stopped taking a smack at his brother when I snapped the pic

Bruno stopped taking a smack at his brother when I snapped the pic

Speaking of Bruno, he’s just as adorable. He likes to smell things…including cameras. I tried to snap this pic of him, but he closed in on me and was all up in my grill.

What you smellin'?

What you smellin’?

When you walk into the house, the first thing he’ll do is smell you all over. It’s his way of asking and saying, “Where’ve ya been? What cha been doing? What have you eaten? Will you pet me? But don’t actually pet me. Okay. Thanks!” He then proceeds to walk away.

Sometimes in the middle of the night, you can hear Bruno “mrowwwww”ing quite loudly with a stuffed toy in his mouth. He struts about in the dark quite proudly with his latest capture.

Bruno in a playful mood

Bruno in a playful mood

Crazy cat love!


Luddy loves licks …and sleeves

During my San Fran trip, I got to meet another one of my online friends, Joy. She even brought her adorable corgi, Luddy.

Took a photo of Luddy by some lotus at Golden Gate Park.

Took a photo of Luddy by some lotus’ at Golden Gate Park.

Joy and I have been online friends for about a decade. That surprised me. It means I’ve been on the internet for way more than 10 years. Scary.

Luddy got to sit in my lap in the car as Joy drove us to Land’s End. Luddy loOooves to give puppy kisses. He kept licking my hands at random moments. When I hid my hand, he moved onto the sleeve of my sweater. Too adorable.

Land’s End was breathtaking.

Breathtaking Land's End

Breathtaking Land’s End. It was a bit overcast-y when I took this.

Then Joy drove us to Golden Gate Park where I snapped this cool shot from outside of the Japanese garden.

Taken from outside of the Japanese Garden

Taken from outside of the Japanese Garden

While at Golden Gate Park, I almost stepped on this little guy. Joy pointed him out to me.


I’ve captured you with my camera, lil groundhog!

He was looking at us with his peripherals and kept popping his head in and out of the ground.

After the lovely nature walk, we headed into Chinatown where we found a Vegetarian Restaurant called Loving Hut. It was so good! I forgot to take photos of the food, but here is one of Chinatown at night.

Chinatown at night

Chinatown at night

It was really nice to meet Joy. We sat around dinner and talked about things we’ve read in each other’s old blogs. I think it was revealing. We learned much about ourselves as we did each other.

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