The Best Game of Hide and Seek in a Decade

It’s 11pm at night and I am at home instant chatting with my coworker, Mike, who is in the office to support an IT-related update to our systems. He is there with our other coworker, Jake, who is also there for the same reason. The following convo takes place:

Me: What are you guys doing right now?

Mike: Well, the updates are happening. Nothing is screwing up. So, I’m surfing the net. Jake and Orwell are playing golf. (Our workplace has an in-office putting green)

This gave me a brilliant idea. So I text message Jake on his iPhone.

Me: What doing? ARE YOU PLAYING GOLF??

He: Are you watching??

Me *technically, not lying*: Come find me!!


A few moments passed.

Mike then messages me: Jake is walking around the office calling your name? He asked another coworker if you were in.

At this point, I burst out laughing.

Jake texts me: You not here!

Me: Yes, I am! I hear you calling but I’m working on something.

Lot of mayhem ensued. Eventually, I fessed up.

Jake: Dammit! I was wandering around!

But do not feel bad, Jake declared, “This was about to be the best game of hide and seek in a decade.”